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Adwatch 10.08.11: Comparethemarket

Magazine article Marketing

Adwatch 10.08.11: Comparethemarket

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The consistent evolution of and creative dedication to the meerkat idea is inspiring.

Millie Tipple, aged 13, is quite hard to impress. As her dad, I am heartened by this fact. We have clearly raised a discerning and independent-minded child. I expect, in time, only the most eligible and decent to come calling for her.

To me as an adman, though, she's a nightmare. I am crushed on an almost daily basis by her withering assessments of our industry's best efforts so carefully placed around her favourite TV viewing.

The words 'It's OK' have surely never broken a man's soul as brutally as when delivered by my daughter after I've enthusiastically shown her the prevailing ad of the moment. She doesn't even pretend (despite all we've done for her) when the ad in question is one of ours.

So, imagine my surprise when, the other day, she asked whether our car insurance was due for renewal soon. I was intrigued. She'd never previously shown any interest in this mundane fact of life. It turned out, of course, that she was less concerned with the competitiveness of our quotes than she was interested in owning her own meerkat. What's more, she'd got the idea from a TV ad. A really nice TV ad, as it turned out when she happily rewound Modern Family to show me.

Aleksandr and Sergei enter an office building and tell the bemused security guard that they are looking for a Steve Smith. He sends them to the third floor where they find Steve, who recently bought car insurance via Comparethemarket. …

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