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Adwatch 17.08.11: Weetabix

Magazine article Marketing

Adwatch 17.08.11: Weetabix

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Latest ad maintains family-friendly cereal brand's track record for appealing to all ages.


I grew up with Weetabix. I grew up with the ads on the telly, and still remember most of them. Even when I got older, we could all sing along to the Robin Hood lyrics, and the pirates ad. I remember the driving instructor, and still love the Black Beauty ad - withabix, withoutabix.

OK, so there was that 'Bovva boy' blip in the 80s, and there has been nothing much recently, but, overall, nearly all of it was good.

And I knew then, and I know now, that Weetabix gives me energy.

I love the new ad. I have four teenagers, aged 19,17,15 and 13. We talk about ads all the time. (They talk about everything all the time.)

The other night, I sat and listened as they all played through the new Weetabix ad. They knew all the bits in it - 'Is this boy having a laugh?' They love it. They talk about it.

I asked them, though: 'Ahh ... but what does it say?'

Without hesitation, they replied: 'Weetabix gives you energy'.

This makes me think. We are constantly reinventing things. New people come in to an organisation and change things - it's the way it works now. We can't be seen to do nothing: we must move forward. Out with the old, in with new strategy, new message, new media, new packaging. …

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