Marketing Mole: Who Does Google Think You Are? - Andy Duncan, Chief Executive, HR Owen

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- The first link is to the announcement of Duncan's appointment on HR Owen's own website.

- The second and fourth links are to stories also about him joining the company.

- The third result is a profile of Duncan on The Independent's website.

- The final link is to a story on Brand Republic about the creation of HR Owen's exclusive Ferrari showroom.

Verdict: This is an excellent profile, due largely to the reputation Duncan built in his previous role at Channel 4. His three appearances on national newspaper sites are, on the face of it, impressive for the chief of a luxury car dealership.

Action: His reputation is a great advantage when gaining press coverage, but three of these results date from his appointment last year - he must take care to ensure that this continues in his current role.

- HR Owen announces the appointment of Andy Duncan as Chief Executive > Bentley > News & Offers - Cached

10 Sep 2010 - HR Owen, the luxury motor retailer is pleased to announce the appointment of Andy Duncan as Chief Executive Officer. Andy will

Former Channel 4 boss Andy Duncan joins HR Owen/Media/guardian... /andy-duncan-joins-hr-owe...

- Cached

7 Sep 2010 - Duncan takes chief executive role at luxury car dealer, having left Channel 4 last November. …


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