What It's Really like Inside: Palmer and Harvey

Article excerpt

- How does the team come up with fresh marketing ideas?

We get a lot of inspiration from our people on the ground. We also hold regular creative brainstorming sessions with staff from across the company.

- What are the perks of the job?

Palmer and Harvey is such a big, complex organisation, no two weeks are the same. That keeps things interesting. As a wholesaler, we work with all the major grocery brands and are surrounded by innovation. One of the main perks of working here is that the company is owned by current and past employees. Like John Lewis, we believe customer engagement and productivity are enhanced if people share in the company's success. This has played a key role in the growth of the company.

- What is the main marketing challenge you face?

We are a small team - there are only five of us - but we produce a lot of work. This requires 'juggling' skills.

- What are the hours like?

We work hard but we also all have busy lives outside of the office so we try to work smarter rather than longer.

- What is the company like for career progression? …


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