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Marketing Promotion: Taking a Brand-Sensitive Leap

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Promotion: Taking a Brand-Sensitive Leap

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As the demand for complex and brand-sensitive conversations increases, companies and organisations are turning to contact centres to provide the medium for much more meaningful and productive customer engagement.

The traditional role of the contact centre - as provider of high-volume basic transactional calls - will continue to have its place, but the time is right to also consider the available skills, technology and infrastructure for far more sophisticated applications.

At CPM we have been exploring two exciting and very distinct areas of interaction on behalf of some of our household-name clients. We are starting to see marketers' confidence grow in the outsourcing of complex, multi-stage business-to-business sales programmes. At the same time, we are increasingly being asked to provide brand-sensitive social-media moderation.

Our core proposition has long been that one size doesn't fit all, and CPM is dedicated to tailoring the right solution to meet the specific business or brand objective of each individual client. Our clients can therefore trust us to analyse each opportunity, apply the appropriate communication strategy and resource our talent pool accordingly.

Complex and brand-sensitive activities demand the recruitment of a very different profile of communicator, who then needs to be trained and managed in ways that old-school contact centre managers would once have scoffed at.

Communicators groomed for these types of interaction have heightened emotional intelligence and awareness of their own personal impact. They know that proactive conversations are a must, not a maybe. For this to happen, we train our teams to such a level that we can then trust them with a level of freedom and empowerment that ensures their initiative is supported, rather than stifled.

A prime example of CPM's success in this area is our work with client Royal Mail, for which we have built and refined a complex multi-stage sales process that involved creating and closing new business opportunities in the SME sector. Working in tandem with field sales staff over a three-year period we have generated more than pounds 25m of traded revenue, delivering an eightfold return on Royal Mail's investment.

If it sounds easy, it isn't. Complex outsourced activities require just as many fine-tuning processes as they would if they were being delivered in-house. We constantly look outside the traditional contact-centre universe to identify and apply practices that will benefit our clients Take, for example, the 78th Rule - an accounting principle that is applied to the modelling to ensure that in any financial year, maximum returns are realised. …

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