What It's Really like Inside: QSoft Consulting

Article excerpt

- How does the team come up with fresh marketing ideas?

The product directs the marketing, and then the team brainstorms on how to launch and reinforce the global brand message. We sponsor hundreds of grass-roots events throughout the year and we create Gaydar experiences, as our members want to be able to touch and get to know the brand, rather than just see it on their screens.

- What are the perks of the job?

Working for brands that bring people together and give them a voice, especially in countries where gay rights are years behind. A welcoming and relaxed office environment, no matter what your sexuality. We also have a lot of fun with events such as Soho Live that we plan and create from the ground up. The travel is great too - you could say we are jetrosexuals.

- What is the main marketing challenge you face?

Our print campaigns can be challenging - dating is global, but people connect in different ways around the world. Translating our global strategy into local campaigns takes time and you have to be sensitive to local nuances.

- Is there a dress code?

Not particularly, which is handy if you are behind a GaydarRadio microphone, but a sharp hair cut, dancing shoes and vest tops are a must during our busy events season.

- Does the marketing team socialise outside office hours?

When we want a big night out, we head to Profile Bar on Wardour Street, and then downstairs to Lo-Profile club. Recently we've been going out early Sunday evening for GaydarRadio's Secret Sundays. Last week, Beverley Knight surprised the club and performed our favourites. …


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