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Marketing Mole: We'll Call You - Oddbins

Magazine article Marketing

Marketing Mole: We'll Call You - Oddbins

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One of the purposes of Mole's life is to tirelessly seek out free booze, so news of wine-tasting events linked to the relaunch of Oddbins piqued our interest.

Oddbins Hello Oddbins, (name) speaking.

Mktg Hi, I've just moved to West Hampstead (London) and heard that Oddbins is reopening with an offer for people to taste wine.

Oddbins This is not entirely correct. We don't do an offer to taste wine, we held a wine-tasting last weekend and will hold another this weekend. We open two or three bottles and you are more than welcome to come in and taste them. We also do private wine-tasting events.

Mktg Is that something that Oddbins used to do? Because I know that it closed down.

Oddbins Oddbins has never closed down. It went into administration and then a new guy took over, but didn't buy all the shops. He picked the best-performing ones and now we are trading with 37 shops. The shops that are open now have always been open.

Mktg So the West Hampstead shop never closed?

Oddbins It never closed. We were empty at some point, and it was the end of an era and the beginning of another, but we opened every day.

Mktg So you were open even with no wine on the shelves?

Oddbins We were never empty, but we were trading with very few wines on the shelves. …

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