Magazine article The New American

"Occupy Wall Street" Demands Big Government

Magazine article The New American

"Occupy Wall Street" Demands Big Government

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Despite styling itself a grass-roots movement representing the bottom "99 percent" of Americans, "Occupy Wall Street" bosses released a divisive official "declaration" in early October blasting businesses for pursuing "profit" over "people" and "equality."

But the statement, approved by the protest's ruling body calling itself the New York City General Assembly, is being derided by critics. More documents are expected soon, including an official list of "demands" to be satisfied before the "occupations" end.

The objectives of the purportedly "leaderless" movement remain somewhat murky so far--probably on purpose. One of the most frequently cited demands, however, is that the government curtail the free-speech rights of companies and organizations.

And the demonstrators have offered myriad "demand" proposals on websites affiliated with the movement. The lists include higher taxes on what remains of the middle class, a S20 per hour minimum wage, "free" healthcare and college education, trillions in new federal spending, debt forgiveness, constitutional amendments, open borders, and more regulation of just about everything.

But more than anything, the protesters appear to be clamoring for ever-bigger government and an end to what remains of the free market. Critics were actually warning of violent Marxist revolution and riots before the campaign was under way.

According to reports and analysts, the whole movement has been carefully orchestrated by anti-capitalist union bosses and tax-funded "community organizers" connected to the Obama ad ministration. …

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