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Too Hot to Hoot

Magazine article Word Ways

Too Hot to Hoot

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The classic palindrome in the title appears in a 'Palindromic Conversation Between Two Owls' in Howard Bergerson's Palindromes and Anagrams (Dover Publications, 1973).

"Too hot to hoot!"

"Too hot to woo!"

"Too wot?"

"Too hot to hoot!"

"To woo!"

"Too wot?"

"To hoot! Too hot to hoot!"

The palindrome has been used as the title of two books:

Too Hot To Hoot , The Palindrome Puzzle Book

by Raymond Stuart (David McKay Co, Inc, NY, 1977)

Too Hot To Hoot , Funny Palindrome Riddles

by Marvin Terban (Clarion Books, NY, 1985)

Here is a small collection of variants on the owl theme. Some have the slang or dialectic form 'ta' instead of 'to' (as in 'gotta' = got to), and a number use rather obscure terms. All words are taken from the Oxford English Dictionary, 2nd Ed., 1989, unless specified CDS (Cassell's Dictionary of Slang, Jonathon Green, 1998) or EDD (English Dialect Dictionary, Joseph Wright, 1970 ed.).

Too bats ta boot

Too crazy to kick up the backside. You should never do that to mad people anyway, because they might boot you back!

Too eat ta coot

Too rough and unpleasant to copulate, as applied to a pair of Irish tortoises on rocky ground.

'Cat' is Irish slang (CDS), and 'cooting' relates specifically to tortoises. …

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