Mattel's Kid Loving Games and Toys

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"Knock Knock" "Who's There?" "Al." "Al Who?" "Al be your best friend forever."

So goes the conversation with trendsetting Willa, one of Matters Fijit Friends ($44.99), the interactive playthings that can dance, tell jokes, and respond to your voice. Recognizing more than 30 keywords, Fijit Friends respond with 150 phrases. With a uniquely soft and squishy body, made for hugging and tickling, their movements look natural and fidgety, and their colorful faces light up when they interact with you. When music plays, they identify the beat and adjust their liming to match--whether you listen to country, rock, or opera, they are always ready to groove. In addition to Willa, the trendista, the other Fijit Friends are adventurous Sage, sweetie-pie Serafina, and sporty Logan.


In the Mindflex Duel Game ($99.99), two players compete to move a ball just by thinking about it. This incredible technology combines with the power of your mind to test your mental agility. All new obstacles provide more extreme action and challenges. As the fan moves across the track in response to brainwaves, while blowing a column of air upward, the lightweight foam ball can be moved around while levitating over the column of air. Headsets measure the brain waves as they levitate the ball and move it through the obstacles. Game play includes Race the Lights, Basketblaster, Cortex Collision, Mental Marathon 2.0, and Power Push. Think it. Move it. Believe it!

Uno Roboto ($29.99) takes one of our favorite card games to the next level. Using an electronic robot as the dealer, the game begins by the players speaking their names into its microphone, as well as a "house rule; such as singing a song. During play, Roboto will shout out instructions, calling players by name. …


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