Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Course Listings * Course Codes Key

Magazine article Journal of Property Management

Course Listings * Course Codes Key

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ETH800    November 4      Stoneham, Mass.
CPM001    November 4      Pittsburgh
ETH800    November 5      Pittsburgh
ASM603    November 7-8    Houston
MPSAXM    November 7-10   Alexandria, Va.
MPSAXM    November 7-10   St. Petersburg, Fla.
MPSAXM    November 7-10   San Francisco
MPSAXM    November 7-10   Chandler, Ariz.
ASM603    November 7-8    Las Vegas
ASM603    November 7-8    Southfield, Mich.
RES201    November 7-12   Milwaukee
MPSAXM    November 7-10   Golden Valley, Minn.
ETH800    November 9      Marietta, Ga.
ASM604    November 9-10   Houston
FIN402    November 9-10   Washington, D.C.
ASM604    November 9-10   Las Vegas
ASM604    November 9-10   Southfield, Mich.
ETH800    November 10     Indianapolis
ASM605    November 11     Houston
ASM605    November 11     Southfield, Mich.
CPM001    November 11     Golden Valley, Minn.
CPM001    November 11     Alexandria, Va.
CPM001    November 11     St. Petersburg, Fla.
CPM001    November 11     San Francisco
CPM001    November 11     Chandler, Ariz.
ASM605    November 11     Las Vegas
ASM603    November 14-15  Central, N.J.
ASM604    November 16-17  Central, N.J.
ASM605    November 18     Central, NJ.


ETH800    December 2      Las Vegas
MPSAXM    December 5-8    Las Vegas
CML001    December 7      Washington, D.C.
CPM001    December 9      Las Vegas
ETH800    December 16     San Francisco


ASM603    November 1-2    Fukuoka, Japan
ASM604    November 8-9    Tokyo
ASM605    November 10     Tokyo
ETH800    November 12     Sofia, Bulgaria
IREM001   November 12     Sofia, Bulgaria
MNT402    November 13-14  Sofia, Bulgaria
ASM604    November 15-16  Fukuoka, Japan
FIN402    November 15-16  Sofia, Bulgaria
ASM605    November 17     Fukuoka, Japan
FIN402    November 17-18  Shanghai
MNT402    November 19-20  Shanghai
CPM001    November 22     Tokyo
CMPEXM    November 23     Tokyo
FIN402    November 24-25  Moscow
MNT402    November 26-27  Moscow
CPM001    November 29     Fukuoka, Japan
CPMEXM    November 30     Fukuoka, Japan
FIN402    December 1      Warsaw
ASM 603   December 2-3    Shanghai
ASM604    December 4-6    Shanghai
ASM603    December 5-6    Moscow
BDM602    December 5-8    Tokyo
MPSAXM    December 5-8    Toronto
ASM604    December 7-8    Moscow
ASM605    December 7      Shanghai
MPSA01    December 7-8    Tokyo
ASM605    December 9      Moscow
CPMEXM    December 10     Russia
BDM602    December 12-13  Fukuoka, Japan
MPSA01    December 14-15  Fukuoka, Japan


ARMEXM 1// ARM Certification Exam

ASM603 // Investment Real Estate Financing and Valuation - Part One

ASM604 // Investment Real Estate Financing and Valuation - Part Two

ASM605 // Investment Real Estate Financing and Valuation - Part Three

BDM601 // Maximizing Profit: Growth Strategies for Real Estate Management Companies

BDM602 // Property Management Plans: The IREM Model (international only)

CPMEXM // CPM Certification Exam

CPM001 // CPM Certification Exam Preparation Seminar

ETH800 // Ethics for the Real Estate Manager

EE800 // Real Estate Professional Ethics (international only)

FIN402 // Investment Real Estate: Financial Tools


HRS402 // Human Resource Essentials for Real Estate Managers

LTC401 // Housing Credits; Compliance Challenges and Solutions

MKL404// Marketing and Leasing: Retail Properties

MKL405 // Marketing and Leasing: Multifamily Properties

MKL406 // Marketing and Leasing: Office Buildings

MNT402 // Property Maintenance and Risk Management

MPSAXM // Management Plan Skills Assessment

RES201 // Successful Site Management


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