Marketing Mole: Who Does Google Think You Are? - Lee Rolston, Outgoing Marketing Director, Muller Dairy UK

Article excerpt

- The first result is Rolston's LinkedIn page.

- The second link is to a story about his appointment, while the third is to a piece about Muller's new brand identity on the same site.

- The fourth link is to a video interview with Rolston, also about Muller's identity.

- The final result is a piece about Muller's Cadbury Mini Eggs Twin Pots.

Verdict - This is a high-quality profile. It is good to see Rolston's LinkedIn page, because it gives a rounded view of him, although it could do with some added information. The video demonstrates that he is keen to try new approaches.

Action - Although Rolston has a strong profile in the retail and FMCG press, he is not as strong in the marketing press. It would therefore be advisable for him to have more input there to help him retain control of his profile in that area.

Lee Rolston - United Kingdom/LinkedIn

London, United Kingdom - Marketing Director at Muller dairy UK Lee Rolston. Marketing Director at Muller dairy UK. Location: London, United Kingdom; Industry: Marketing and Advertising ...


9 Jun 2010 - Cadbury marketing executive Lee Rolston has been appointed new marketing director for Muller Dairy. …


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