Magazine article Computers in Libraries

Can QR Codes Be Used to Deliver Library Services?

Magazine article Computers in Libraries

Can QR Codes Be Used to Deliver Library Services?

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In order for libraries to stay relevant, librarians must implement the technologies that users routinely employ in their daily lives. In addition to knowing about the latest developments, we must decide which are likely to be widely adopted and which will simply disappear. How many of you remember the CueCat? This cute little cat-shaped bar code reader was intended to link digital resources to physical objects such as magazines, newspapers, and catalogs. The CueCat never caught on, but the idea behind it lived on. Today's QR codes seem very similar but, at least for now, appear to have a good chance of success. Librarians are finding uses for QR codes in their libraries and sharing their experiences with their colleagues.

CueCat--Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

Wikipedia's page on the CueCat describes the device and its failure in the marketplace with a picture as well as a link to the official site.

QR code--Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

Wikipedia also has a page on QR codes with a definition of the term, discussion of the technology, current standards for encoding, and sources of additional information.

QR Codes--Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki

This wiki page provides a list of links to library projects using QR codes. Another set of links offers resources on QR code generation.

notionsark/QR Codes and Libraries

This page on notionsark--a wiki devoted to new web apps applied to librarianship, teaching, and learning-offers links to resources on QR codes. There are links to presentations on the use of QR codes in libraries, most of which are from the U.K. Another set of links is to blog posts by librarians offering their thoughts on the use of this technology in libraries. …

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