FrontRange Solutions-GoldMine Mobile Edition 9.0

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The mobile marketplace for CRM users has been an ever growing an ever changing business since its inception, and it will continue to be ever changing in the foreseeable future. Regardless of change, the importance of mobile CRM speaks for itself.

Just ask yourself, how many days a week do you spend out of the office, on the road, and on airplanes. If you are like most traveling CRM professionals, you spend a decent portion of the week out of the office. In the past, while traveling out of the office you did not necessarily have the means to carry with you the vital information needed to help interact with clients, unless the information was on a laptop you carried in the bag (over a decade ago), a disconnect mobile device with a local database (a decade or so ago), or a smartphone (most recently). Regardless of the device, we could argue that they were not necessarily built for the specific CRM features needed to run your business. Since the inception of the smartphone this has all changed. However, just because we have smartphones, or better yet, mobile devices including the tablet, it does not mean they are necessarily beneficial to your business.

In order for a mobile device, smartphone or tablet, to be beneficial to your business you may wish to consider a few areas of importance.

First and foremost, you must consider what the main purpose of the mobile device is. Communications. Whether it was the phone calls we made on the first mobile phone invented, or an email communicated from the latest tablet device, the mobile device has always been, and will continue to always be based on a major, central point of mobile usage, communications. The communications, a phone call, email, or social interaction initiated from the mobile device should be tracked in the CRM system since a lot of vital information is transmitted in each communication. Once captured, this information can then be leverage to perform its appropriate duty in the CRM business.

Secondly, you need to consider features capable of being leveraged on a mobile device. A mobile CRM application should not be a shrunk down version of the main CRM solution, nor should you need every piece of feature available in the main CRM solution. …


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