Optify: Landing Pages for Social Marketing

Article excerpt

If you want a lot of frustrated prospective customers and not a lot of conversion, promise specific information with an ad that reads, "Click HERE for weekly tips on social media marketing!" and then link the ad to your company homepage, letting viewers hunt for the marketing tips on their own.


Businesses with more successful campaigns use separate destination pages to deliver targeted information and keep viewers engaged. But these landing pages can be time-consuming to create and often require a team of marketers, developers, designers, and engineers to launch.

Optify, Inc. added landing pages and social sharing tools to its all-in-one suite for internet marketers to simplify and accelerate the launch of landing pages and to facilitate the agility of these campaigns over social networks. Marketers can use Landing Pages to copy and paste content into the template of their choice, add logos and graphics to customize the page, and publish it in minutes. Optify Social Sharing lets marketers send out the page across social networks in a post or tweet.

"As a marketer, having the ability to very quickly create, publish, and share a page that has my content [and] that has the ability to capture information from visitors ... is very appealing," says Anthony Joseph, Optify's vice president of marketing and customer experience. …