Magazine article Sunset

January: Your Northern California Guide

Magazine article Sunset

January: Your Northern California Guide

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To-do list

* Plant hellebores for winter bloom, sunset

CLIMATE ZONES 7-9, 14-17

* Discourage disease by removing fallen leaves and old mulch from the base of rose bushes and deciduous fruit trees.

* Plant bare-root fruit trees, such as apple, apricot, peach, and plum. ZONES 7-9, 14-17

* Harvest citrus as it ripens.

* Fill bare spots in your garden by sowing seeds of California poppies (Eschscholzia californica).

* If frost is predicted, water your garden really well. Protect tender plants by draping with burlap or a frost blanket, making sure the cover doesn't directly touch the plant.

* Plant Jasminum polyanthum for the vine's pink buds, white blossoms, and sweet perfume.

* Move tender potted succulents beneath overhangs or onto porches when hard frosts are forecast-JOHANNA SILVER




Now's the time to get them in shape for spring gardening--and help them last longer. Always store tools in a dry place, protected from rain.

1 Clean shovels, garden forks, and trowels: Fill a 15-gallon bucket with sand mixed with 1 quart vegeta ble oil. Brush any excess dirt off the tools, then plunge their heads repeat edly into the mixture until they come up clean. …

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