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Introducing a weekly column on what's new in technology, culture and consumer behaviour, George Nimeh reviews Facebook Timeline and looks at what marketers need to know.

Woody Allen once said: 'A relationship, I think, is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies.' Clearly, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg thinks like a shark.

From the start, Facebook has been in 'perpetual beta' mode, a business constantly on the move.

The changes are often subtle: a slight shift of an ad placement or a modification to the rules governing the way companies can publish apps.

Facebook Timeline, however, is both ambitious and significant, as it radically alters profile pages. Rolled out to Facebook's 800m users, region by region, over the past two weeks, Timeline is a streamlined, hierarchical and chronologically ordered profile that creates individual online diaries of everything they do on the social network.

There is always negativity when changes are made to popular sites, and nowhere more so than Facebook. Analysts report that Timeline may make it harder for users to flip their data to rival sites, and with the rise of competitors like Google+, it is not hard to imagine why they would want to lock people in as much as possible.

As notes, some protests have appeared on Facebook, and privacy concerns continue to loom in the shadows of the network's 'frictionless' social sharing apps, launched in tandem with Timeline.

Despite the inevitable criticism, Timeline is clean, personal and intuitive. It is live on the desktop, as well as on Android and the iPhone, and, rumour has it, a slick new iPad version will go live this month.

Timeline is also a technological achievement. On peak days, more than 500m people visit Facebook, and the company stores 1tn rows of indexed data. Mention all this to your chief technology officer and wait for the reaction; it's a very big shark.

George Nimeh, aka @iboy, is a digital consultant


What does Facebook Timeline mean for marketers?

Content in focus

Since posting and embedding content in Timeline has been improved, people will be looking for interesting stuff to share. The 'cover' image measures 851x315 pixels, and clever marketers might consider offering fans an assortment of images of that size to use, as well as higher-quality images and videos for brand posts and Sponsored Stories. …

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