Dissertation Notices

Article excerpt

Aydin, Edip.

"Comparing the Syriac Order of Monastic Profession with the Order of Baptism, both in External Structure and in Theological Themes."

Ph.D. Princeton: Princeton Theological Seminary, 2011.

Becker, David L.

"Leadership Theory in the Matrilineal Culture of the Bemba: Cultural Implications for Contextualized Leadership Development in the Pentecostal Holiness Church in Zambia."

Ph.D. Pasadena, Calif.: Fuller Theological Seminary, 2010.

Bennett, Robert H.

"From Darkness into the Light: The Events Surrounding Exorcism and Conversion as Found in the Fifohazana Movement of the Malagasy Lutheran Church."

Ph.D. Fort Wayne, Ind.: Concordia Theological Seminary, 2011.

Carney, James Jay.

"From Democratization to Ethnic Revolution: Catholic Politics in Rwanda, 1950-1962."

Ph.D. Washington, D.C.: Catholic Univ. of America, 2011.

Clark, Paul L.

"German Pentecostal Church Planting, 1945--2005: Implications for Intentional Mission in the Twenty-first Century."

Ph.D. Springfield, Mo.: Assemblies of God Theological Seminary, 2011.

Dominic, Tran Ngo. Dang.

"Inculturation in Missionary Format According to the Federation of Asian Bishops' Conference Documents (1970-2006), with a Special Reference to the Mission in Vietnam."

Ph.D. Rome: Pontifical Urbaniana Univ., Faculty of Missiology, 2009.

Fung, Lawrence Wing-Leung.

"A Phenomenological Study of the Role of Pastoral Leadership in Mobilizing Chinese Churches in the San Francisco Bay Area for Global Mission in the Twenty-first Century."

D.Miss. Portland, Ore.: Western Seminary, 2011.

Harris, Esker Jerome.

"Aspects of Mission in African American Churches: Factors That Influence Missions Praxis."

D.Miss. Pasadena, Calif.: Fuller Theological Seminary, 2011.

Jackson, William C.

"Breakthrough Dynamics in Acts and Selected Vineyard Churches: Exploring the Use of Conflict Criticism in Biblical Interpretation."

D.Miss. Pasadena, Calif.: Fuller Theological Seminary, 2011.

Kaoma, Kapya John.

"Ubuntu, Jesus, and Earth: Integrating African Religion and Christianity in Ecological Ethics."

Th.D. Boston: Boston Univ. School of Theology, 2010.

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Kirk, J. Andrew.

"Christian Mission as Dialogue: Engaging the Current Epistemological Predicament of the West."

Ph.D. Nijmegen: Radboud Univ., 2011.

Lakawa, Septemmy Eucharistia.

"Risky Hospitality: Mission in the Aftermath of Religious Communal Violence in Indonesia. …


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