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Magazine article Marketing


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What do you do if your company is lagging behind on social media? Mhairi McEwan offers her thoughts on how you can best convince senior management about the medium's importance.

Q. My brand has still not got to grips with social media, as ownership is a fraught issue. HR wants a go, as does marketing and even IT. The situation is made worse because the board is of a generation that is not comfortable with social business.

Where do we even start?

A. Take comfort in knowing that you're not alone. Many organisations are just waking up to the implications of social media.

Networked communities in which social media is transforming the power of customers are causing a reassessment of the way marketing works across organisations. Customers are more empowered and harder to influence.

They have higher expectations of organisations, as do other key stakeholders. The boundaries of function, geography and brand have blurred beyond recognition.

This has big implications for how marketing needs to be done and ways of working, so that customer needs are recognised and addressed across the organisation. In a customer-focused company, no one function 'owns' the customer - creating better customer value is everyone's responsibility.

Equally, no one 'owns' social media; indeed, ownership by a single function risks limiting its full potential across all parts of an organisation. …

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