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Two developments caught my eye last week. One was that the big supermarket chains are to invest in rolling out free wi-fi; the other was an IAB survey, which found that 18% of consumers trust their mobile device over a companion when making in-store purchase decisions (see 'This Week', page 8).

What links them? They demonstrate that brands have to be vigilant in guarding and measuring their reputations online as the battle for the consumer pound will be taken all the way to the checkout.

Gemma Charles Public affairs editor, Marketing


Social video expert Unruly evaluates Twitter's latest viral campaign

At Twitter, The Future Is You

Some things are just so bad, they're good. It's why Rebecca Black became an online sensation; it's why The X Factor auditions are almost always the best part of the show; and, presumably, it's the only reason Nicholas Cage still gets acting jobs.

Twitter's latest recruitment ad plays upon this perfectly: cheesy lines, awful direction and terrible animation.

However, unlike Cage, Black and the barrage of X Factor losers we are subjected to every year, it is supposed to be bad.

With a firm nod to meme culture, it also manages to make Twitter look like a really fun place to work.

Of course, it's hardly an original concept. Only last year, Chuck Testa became a YouTube hit after the so-bad-it's-good ad for his Californian taxidermy business stormed Unruly's Viral Video Chart to become the 14th-most-shared of 2011.

However, Chuck is only a small businessman with a small budget. Imagine what an ad with Twitter's social-media clout can achieve.



Lynx - Unleash The Chaos

Unilever has unveiled Lynx Attract, its first 'his and hers' body-spray range. It is using a variety of digital channels to build up buzz, including promoted tweets and the hashtag #UnleashTheChaos.

Volkswagen - The Dog Strikes Back

Volkswagen, which won the battle of the 2011 Super Bowl ads, enlisted an overweight dog for this year's offering, and returned to its Star Wars theme. Analysis of the Super Bowl ads is sure to continue.

Red Bull - World of Red Bull

Red Bull's content was the 15th-most-shared online throughout 2011, according to Unruly. It looks set to maintain this strong performance with the adrenaline-packed video.

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A look at the performance of RBS in social media over the past five months



RBS: inside the Bank that Ran out of Money aired on the BBC, creating extensive debates in social spaces. …

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