Magazine article New Zealand Management

Mobile Managers: Technology on the Hoof; Five NZ Business Leaders Share How They Stay Connected and on Top of Their Game While on the Move

Magazine article New Zealand Management

Mobile Managers: Technology on the Hoof; Five NZ Business Leaders Share How They Stay Connected and on Top of Their Game While on the Move

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Byline: Hayley Barnett

Executives are travelling more than ever, so it's not surprising that technology improves daily to keep them connected and up-to-date wherever and whenever they need it.

When you're away from the office, what types of technology do you use to keep in touch?

Graeme Edmond: I use a laptop, iPad 2 and an iPhone. I use my iPad for viewing emails while on the move and I always have it on hand. I always use my iPhone for email back-up and, of course, for phone calls and text.

Sue Watson: I'm very attached to my iPhone 4 and use it to keep in touch and stay up-to-date. Our organisation is global so I have people contacting me at all times over a 24-hour period. I learned fast to turn off the audio notification of emails so it doesn't ping all night.

Kenneth Leong: I use an iPhone and iPad to access documents on our office server hosted on Amazon. Skype is handy for talking and the front camera on the iPhone is a game-changer. The Bria app on iPhone is linked to the office for seamless local calls when I'm on the road in Asia. No one needs to know that you're not in town.

Samantha Seath: I generally rely on my iPhone 3GS for most things, however I have recently started using an iPad. If I know I will need to do more work I take my laptop.

Ken Rivers: I take a Blackberry and an iPad 2.

How did you come to select these particular technologies?

Edmond: I used to have a Blackberry but found the email system limited, particularly in accessing attachments. A colleague suggested the iPhone and he later got an iPad. I saw firsthand the advantages of having one, so I purchased one at Melbourne airport on my way home from a business trip.

Watson: Reviewing social media on my iPhone is a good use of time when I'm in transit. I find the Facebook and Twitter apps user-friendly and I like the camera function quality. I also want to know that wherever I am I can stay connected to the Kea community through our membership network on our website via email, a phone call, text or social media. With the iPhone 4 I feel as if I have the community in the palm of my hand.

Leong: Trial and error. A lot of online research.

Seath: When I got my iPhone two years ago there were not as many smartphones on the market so the choice was between Blackberry and iPhone. While previously I had an older model Blackberry, I found emails were not as easy to read, especially those with attachments. When looking for a new phone I targeted those that were going to give me the best email functionality, as well as phone capability. The large screen on the iPhone suited this purpose. For trips that require more processing power I use my laptop. The iPad was to enable me to be more efficient with meeting notes and eliminate the need to take a laptop on day trips when I don't need to access files.

Rivers: The Blackberry gives me the mobile phone that I need, as well as the ability to scan email traffic at the same time. The iPad lets me look at documents/attachments (my eyesight is not good enough for the Blackberry) and is particularly useful for pre-reading documents. I also use it to read while I'm on the road.

What do you like most about them?

Edmond: My iPad provides great ease of use and an excellent screen for hand-ling complex documents. It is light and simple to use, easy to carry around and has plenty of applications available. …

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