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Magazine article Marketing


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The idea that a company can cut marketing staff and use the money to run more campaigns is gaining traction, writes Will Harris, even though it should strike fear in the heart of any chief executive.

Q. My chief executive has been reading about Procter & Gamble and Coke cutting marketing staff to pay for more campaigns. He's asked me to examine the pros and cons of such a move. I'm tempted to tell him such announcements are all about job cuts and not about 'more marketing' Should I?

A. I haven't been following that story, but there does seem to be a sudden outbreak of 'marketing not marketers' of late. Before you do anything rash, such as disagree with him, I'd urge you to consider the options.

Have you thought about leaving your job? Has anyone been sniffing around your LinkedIn profile of late, other than the usual battery of people trying to sell you Bahrain Formula One sponsorship? If they have, this could be your moment.

I'd suggest a classic 'Sir Humphrey' approach. Convene a working group to examine the possibility. Stack it with your friends in the business, including someone from HR, to lend an air of authenticity, and someone numerate to add some science to it all.

Decide what you want the answer to be, and work back from there. If you want to cash in those years of toil, there is a strong case that the ratio between marketing budgets and personnel should be changing fast. …

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