The Marketing Society Forum: Should Brands Build Marketing Functions to Focus on Facebook?

Article excerpt

Facebook has called on brands to reorganise their marketing around social media.

NO - Mobbie Nazir Head of digital strategy, JWT

There is no 'one size fits all' model. Brands need to cut through the hype to define the value that Facebook can realistically provide.

A year ago analysts were touting f-commerce as having the potential to threaten Amazon as an ecommerce platform. This vision has yet to be realised.

Marketing departments need to understand where and how their consumers spend time online, and devise strategies to connect and engage across multiple platforms as appropriate. Social media has had a big impact and continues to evolve. However, as stated by Coca-Cola, the focus for marketers in this shifting landscape should be content, connections and integration - not media platforms.

NO - Clare Baker, Marketing director, Absolute Radio

Facebook is an excellent way for consumers to interact with your brand, if they have a good reason to. As an entertainment brand, we have the advantage of having free-to-access content that is very shareable and creates talkability, so Facebook is one of several social-media platforms that play an important part in our marketing and comms strategy.

Facebook's targeted ads are a great way to reach new audiences and create brand awareness, but need to be part of an integrated campaign.

Though a very important part of today's marketing plan, it should not be the only part - it depends on what you are marketing and to whom. …


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