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Adwatch: Marketing's Unique Weekly Analysis of Advertisement Recall in Association with Tns

Magazine article Marketing

Adwatch: Marketing's Unique Weekly Analysis of Advertisement Recall in Association with Tns

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The seasonal confectionery brand is being consistent and fun with its Olympics theme


I don't 'run myself ugly' every morning (I figure I'm ugly enough already). The only mat I own isn't for yoga, it's for my mouse. And, although I do technically belong to a gym, I must confess I don't go nearly enough. When I say 'nearly enough', of course, I mean 'not at all'.

So watching athletes at the peak of their fitness usually succeeds only in reminding me of the depth of my own. Aside from 9.69 seconds of my life in mid-August (I am partial to the 100m men's final), I suspect I won't be glued to the telly that much for those testosterone-filled two weeks in the summer. The chances are that I will avoid the madness and go on holiday, like most sane Londoners.

I know it's a big deal hosting the Games here. Those magnificent Leni Riefenstahl-style Olympic rings suspended above the concourse at St Pancras remind me of this fact every time I pass gingerly underneath them. It's just that I'm not 'feeling' it.

I blame the ads. There are just so many of them, and most seem to make tenuous connections, at best, between a brand and the Games. That's the power of advertising. I am now starting to tenuously connect with the Games, too.

The challenge is to create meaning and relevance in the way you connect those five rings to brands and peoples' lives. (Shamelessly plugging our own ads for Lloyds TSB, I know, but the campaign we created has community at its heart, with the nomination of deserving torch-bearers You get the relevance of the brand and its relationship with peoples' lives in the lead-up to the Games.)

As the official 'treats provider' of the London 2012 Olympic Games, I like Cadbury for its positioning alone. It's real and plausible: everyone needs a treat now and then - especially the poor schmucks who run 26 miles straight without so much as a cup of tea and a lie-down.

The Cadbury Creme Egg 'Gooing for gold' campaign injects some much-needed humour after all those long, lingering close ups of Sir Chris Hoy's shaved legs, which I seem to see in every other ad right now. It's also consistent with the brand's previous 'goo' messaging, and the irreverence is spot-on.

It might be too much for some, but personally I'm a big fan of the 'snuff movie' genre - much under-used in advertising, I might add. There are some particularly gruesome ends that await our gooey friends, particularly in track and field, as I found when I sought out the other spots on YouTube. 'Javelin' is a favourite of mine. Why the judge decides to impale himself at the end is beyond me, but I love the fact that he does.

So, this campaign gets a big tick from me. I think it's great to see mindless violence associated with the Olympics and I confess, if it happened more often in the Games themselves, I, for one, wouldn't miss a moment. …

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