ICC 'We Are Not Targeting Africa': The Two Top Officials of the ICC, Chief Prosecutor Luis Moreno-Ocampo and His Deputy Who Will Soon Take over from Him, Fatou Bensouda, Have Denied That the ICC Is Targeting Africa. "I Don't Think Any of Us Can Deny That the Atrocities That Are Happening in Africa Are Crimes and Therefore within the Jurisdiction of the ICC," Says Bensouda

Article excerpt

Luis Moreno-Campo

ICC chief prosecutor (stepping down in June)

"I deeply hope that the horrors that humanity has suffered during the 20th century will serve as a painful lesson, and that the creation of the International Criminal Court will help us to prevent those atrocities from being repeated in the future."

[Responding to the question of bias and targeting weaker nations, Ocampo says]: "I can just investigate crimes committed in the states parties' territory. If you mention to me one country in my states parties that Vm not investigating, then you can tell me something. The rest of the world is a [UN] Security Council decision and then you can say there are still double standards. I would not say there are no more double standards in the world. I would say, do you believe it's not true, what we are saying on Libyan crimes? Is it not true what we say about the crimes committed by Thomas Lubanga, Joseph Kony, Jean-Pierre Bemba or President Bashir?

"If you think the crimes are real, you should support the Court; if not, you support the criminals. We have to stop impunity to help prevent future crimes. That is my mission. Ihc issue is, as soon as I have evidence, I move."

Fatou Bensouda

(Incoming ICC chief prosecutor)

"I am proud to be inheriting a well-respected and sound functioning office, with high-calibre and dedicated organised staff, and organised policies and practise. This solid basis will be the starting point of my work, and any adjustment will be well considered.

"I will continue to uphold the efforts at the highest standard of this call. My origin as [an] African has nothing to do with my mandate as prosecutor of the ICC. Of course, I have my strong views about the saying that the ICC is targeting Africa or African leaders. …


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