Magazine article Management Today

Career Masterclass: Hone Your Intuition

Magazine article Management Today

Career Masterclass: Hone Your Intuition

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Give it a chance.

Intuition isn't inferior to rational analysis, it's complementary, and most CEOs use it to guide their decisions.

Become an expert. Experience makes intuition more reliable. Know your job inside out and it'll be easier for you to spot when something doesn't 'feel' right.

Take the leap. Delaying decisions until you have all the data is as risky as acting solely on instinct (think missed deadlines, missed opportunities, wasted manpower). Act when you're 40% to 70% confident you're right.

Look around. Our rational minds focus on specific details, but a well-trained intuitive mind notices almost everything: contexts, physical environments and social subtleties. Start honing your awareness today. How does your biggest rival spend his lunch break? Who does the CEO call most?

Play 'what if?' Military personnel make life-saving decisions more quickly when they pay attention to their bodily signals, so listen to yours. Visualise all the outcomes of a decision and note how they affect you. Are you anxious, drained, invigorated? …

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