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Video Editing Made Easy

Magazine article Information Today

Video Editing Made Easy

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We are in an age when information is pushed to us all the time. However, users actually only absorb a small portion of this information that is pushed via text messages, Twitter, and RSS feeds. Even websites are packed with information in all shapes and sizes. So how can information professionals prioritize all this data for their users?

One way to make information stand out on a webpage is to spotlight the material you want to emphasize by integrating pictures and videos. Videos are also great instructional tools. In fact, YouTube is living proof that videos can tell stories that people like to view. However, creating videos and editing them to optimize a message may seem complicated and overwhelming to many people. Even with tools such as Microsoft's Windows Movie Maker and Apple's iMovie, which are included with the operating systems, video editing is often left to those who are willing to accept a seemingly big challenge. But now there are new apps for mobile devices that might change that notion for the better.

Mobile Video Editing

Most mobile devices can record video footage natively, so it seems logical that users could also do the basic editing of captured video clips on a mobile device. As a fan of Android devices, I will first mention VidTrim, a video editor that has a free version for Android devices. Within minutes, I downloaded VidTrim to my Android phone, captured a minute of video footage of my kitten, and then trimmed it to a section of the original clip. With the free version of VidTrim, users can trim video clips and save the modified version as a new clip. VidTrim can play, rename, and delete video clips, and with a wireless connection, it is easy to share videos as well (email, upload, text, etc.). For a small fee, the paid version of VidTrim offers a few extra features, including saving frames as images and transcoding video files to other formats.


Apple enthusiasts will likely be even more impressed with the options for iPads and iPhones, assuming they are willing to part with a few dollars. The standard camera on Apple devices can easily trim video clips as VidTrim does on Android devices. iMovie is available in an easy-to-use mobile version that lets users combine multiple clips, using drag-and-drop functionality, and position them within the project. Users can also add photos, music, and sound effects to enhance the video experience. …

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