Game Mechanics Could Steer BPM Adoption: Proper Handling of Organizational Politics Is a Key Factor

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In business process management (BPM), fostering an all-on-board attitude within the enterprise is not as simple as it sounds.

Research firm Gartner estimates that one-third of efforts tied to BPM will not reach their full potential because of organizational politics.

Gartner surveyed 157 BPM professionals late last year, with 53 percent of respondents flagging internal politics as the main obstacle to company-wide adoption of BPM initiatives.

"You may have several department leads ... responsible for their functional silos, and now you want to ... ask them to work together, perhaps sub-optimizing their area in deference to what's going on in another area," says Elise Olding, a research director at Gartner.

Power struggles within a company's culture could occur when authority and power slip away from enterprise silos to more of a holistic state.

The good news, however, is that adoption rates could improve if a company uses gamification techniques, defined as using game mechanics in a non-game environment to motivate individuals and alter behavior, to bridge organizational divides across the enterprise.

"The Gartner Predicts Special Report" indicates that by 2015, 25 percent of all redesigned business processes could incorporate at least one or more gamified components.

"We thrive on the ability to understand how we're doing in relation to Are we supporting our corporate initiatives and strategies?' or Are we being a good player on a team with the rest of our colleagues?'" Olding says. "You can very surgically and pointedly use [gamification] to increase behaviors, motivation, and adoption."

Expect to see a shift in skill sets when cultivating change and driving BPM adoption rates across the enterprise; organizations will begin to measure effectiveness a little more. …


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