Theme for This Issue: Fiction

Article excerpt

Unsurprisingly, this theme has led several writers to discuss particular new fiction texts which have recently inspired them to write new resources or try fresh approaches. Alongside the close study of literature, fostering an enjoyment of well-crafted fiction is universally acknowledged as part of the job but we all know that it is much easier to project that excitement and conviction which affects students so positively, if you have just read something which has affected you too.

So this issue tends not to address those titles which you might be driven to take out of the stock cupboard after measuring the length of the row rather than feeling the quality of your enthusiasm. Finding new titles to use in lessons rather than simply to recommend means that forward planning is desirable--badgering your budget holder at the right time of year could be vital. For some good ideas, you might use our Book Box reviews section of Classroom--all reviews are also posted on the reviews section of the website too, at And let me know if you'd like to join our reviewing panel; a free book comes along with any reviewing effort.

It is clear that 'flash fiction' could also provide many wonderful new texts, ideal for the English classroom; Aidan Chambers introduces this genre to the uninitiated on page 8, sharing his enthusiasm and expertise.

The fiction theme has also attracted new reports about promoting reading for pleasure. We cast our net a just a little beyond our usual shores to bring in one article from two inventive, award-winning school librarians who clearly work very effectively in tandem with English teachers, generating a rich pool of ideas to foster a love of reading among students--see page 58 and the cover for some great photos as well as their fresh perspective. …


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