The ICC Indictees - All African: Currently, 120 Countries Are States Parties to the Rome Statute. of These, 33 Are from Africa, 18 from the Asia-Pacific, 18 from Eastern Europe, 26 from Latin America and the Caribbean, and 25 from Western Europe and North America. but Surprise, Surprise, All the ICC Indictees So Far Have Been Africans! below Is the Roll-Call

Article excerpt

President Omar al-Bashir (SUDAN)

The Sudanese leader was indicted on 4 March 2009 on five counts of crimes against humanity and two counts of war crimes with regard to the situation in Darfur, Sudan. On 12 July 2010 he was additionally charged with three counts of genocide He is accused of intending to partially destroy the Fur, Masalit, and Zaghawa ethnic groups by killings, "causing serious bodily or mental harm," and "deliberately inflicting conditions of life calculated to bring about physical destruction".


Bahr Abu Garda (SUDAN)

He was indicted on 7 May 2.009 on three counts of war crimes with regard to the situation in Darfur, Sudan. He was accused of being criminally responsible for murder, pillaging, and "intentionally directing attacks against personnel, installations, materials, units and vehicles involved in a peacekeeping mission". On 8 February zoio Pre-Trial Chamber I ruled that the charges against him would not be confirmed and all charges against him were dropped.


Abdallah Banda (SUDAN)

Indicted on 27 August 2009 with three counts of war crimes. He faces similar charges to Garda (above). Banda voluntarily appeared before the Court on r7 June 2010 and the case against him is currently in the pretrial stage.


Jean-Pierre Bemba (DRCONGO)

Jean-Pierre Bemba was indicted on 23 May zoo8 on two counts of crimes against humanity and four counts of war crimes with regard to the situation in the Central African Republic (CAR). On 10 June 2008, the arrest warrant was replaced with an amended version that charged Bemba with three counts of crimes against humanity and five counts of war crimes. Bemba is alleged to have led the Movement for the Liberation of the Congo (MLC), a Congolese rebel movement, into the CAR after Central African President Ange-Felix Patasse sought Bemba's assistance to fight of a rebellion led by Francois Bozize. Bemba was accused of allowing his troops to rape, torture, murder, and inhumanely treat civilians. He was arrested in Belgium on 24 May 2008 and transferred to the Court on 3 July 2008; his trial began on 22 November 2010 and is ongoing.


Muammar AI Gathafi (LIBYA)

The slain Libyan leader was indicted on 27 June 2011 on two counts of crimes against humanity during the uprising against his government. The ICC alleged that he planned, in conjunction with his inner circle, a "policy of violent oppression of popular uprisings" in the early weeks of the NATO-led war against him. He is alleged to have formulated a plan whereby Libyan state security forces under his authority were ordered to use all means necessary to quell public protests against his government. AI Gathafi was killed on 20 October 2011 and the Court terminated proceedings against him on 22 November 2011.


Joseph Kony (UGANDA)

Joseph Kony was indicted on 8 July 2005 on 12 counts of crimes i against humanity and 2I counts of war crimes with regard to the situation in Uganda. He is the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), an armed group which has been waging a war against the Ugandan government since 1987. According to the ICC arrest warrant issued for him, since I July 2002 "the LRA has engaged in a cycle of violence and established a pattern of 'brutalisation of civilians' by acts including murder, abduction, sexual enslavement, mutilation, as well as mass burnings of houses and looting of camp settlements". Kony is still at large.


Saif aI-Islam Gathafi (LIBYA)

The late Libyan leader's son was indicted on 27 June 2011 on two counts of crimes against humanity during the Libyan uprising. Although not an official member of the government, the ICC accuses him of the same crimes as his late father.


Laurent Gbagbo (COTE D'IVOIRE)

The former Ivorian president was indicted on 23 November 2011 on four counts of crimes against humanity with regard to the civil war between his party's supporters and those of current President Alassane Outtara. …


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