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The Patient: Life Extension

Magazine article Folio: the Magazine for Magazine Management

The Patient: Life Extension

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AGE: 16 years

VITALS: Stable

PROGNOSIS: Very good

Magazine fixers are accustomed to sloshing around amid editorial entrails and sickly house organs and the gooey back-office stuff that shouldn't be visible to the non-publishing public.

However, the rise of magalogs--the unseemly mash-ups of legit magazines and direct-marketing catalogs--leaves us with deeply ambivalent feelings: On the one hand, magalogs are a blood relative of the real deals, and as such they deserve our attention; on the other hang they are bastards.

Let's face it, most magalogs are filled with blather and bunk. In a stronger jobs-producing economy, few self-respecting magazine makers would choose to examine, let alone intubate, a feeble magalog. But in America 2012, mag makers need to find any means to feed their families. Life Extension, based in Florida, is one of the most visible magalogs out there. Its owner, the Life Extension Institute, which sells an extensive line of self-branded health supplements, not only pushes subscriptions for its monthly magalog, but places it on newsstands as well.


* Life Extension, which claims to be "the ULTIMATE Source for Medical Findings From Around the World," may or may not be dispensing medically sound advice, but the fact that nearly every report is immediately followed by an advertisement for a related LE product gives us the heebie-jeebies. We know, that's the way magalogs work, but there's a better way. …

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