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And Finally: We'll Call You - E.ON

Magazine article Marketing

And Finally: We'll Call You - E.ON

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With the recent weather suggesting we now live in a land of perpetual winter, the energy brand's promise to freeze its prices until next year caught Mole's attention

Mktg: Hi, I'm planning on moving into a place with friends and I'm looking for the best energy deal, but we don't know exactly where it will be.

E.ON: If you want a rough quote, you can go on price-comparison sites such as, which is the independent one set up by the governing bodies of the industry.

It will give you a full list in cost order of tariffs is also quite reputable for this industry.

Mktg: The reason I phoned E.ON first was because I heard you are freezing prices.

E.ON: British Gas have announced they are likely to put prices up by 15% before winter, so we've assured our customers we have no intention to increase prices in 2012. We also offer fixed deals for longer periods - we do one to June next year and one to May the following year.

Mktg: What concerns me is you raising prices in 2013.

E.ON: If between now and the end of December everyone else put their price up by 15%, the likelihood is we would put our prices up next year If no one else puts their prices up apart from British Gas, that just signifies there's no need for a price rise. …

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