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Magazine article Newsweek International

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'Europe's Lehman Brothers Moment'

Niall Ferguson vividly explains Europe's current economic dilemma (June 18) by setting up an analogous, hypothetical situation in America. Ferguson's unique insight about a possible Hamiltonian solution to the euro crisis allowed me, a college freshman who has taken only one introductory course on macroeconomics, to understand the situation quite well. Ferguson's humorous tone and witty use of language made this article excellent summer reading.

Richard Chengzhao Zhang, Duluth, Georgia

'The Last Days of Mary Kennedy'

With dismay I read the article about Mary Kennedy. I don't understand how a magazine that calls itself international dedicates eight full pages to a crazy rich woman who, even though she became a Kennedy, most readers have never heard of. There are more important things to report on than this poor woman. Such an article belongs in trashy tabloids, not in a reputable magazine such as Newsweek.

Peter Moric, Zurich, Switzerland

As a therapist I read with interest your story on Mary Kennedy and appreciated its illumination of borderline personality disorder's toxic impact on families. Yet Mary, despite her association with the Kennedy clan, is not really a public figure. No public service was done by sharing intimate details of her marriage and family life taken from court documents. I could understand a story in which she received a footnote-length mention in an article about suicide or mental illness, but as a feature story, however well written or researched, it felt more like an exercise in gossip than journalism.

Joanne Weidman, Pasadena, California

Laurence Leamer's article really brought home the Kennedy family's tragic love story. It brought tears to my eyes and made me think about Mary's childhood. I wondered how her father's death affected her emotionally. …

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