Magazine article NATE Classroom

Improving Literacy with ICT

Magazine article NATE Classroom

Improving Literacy with ICT

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Improving Literacy with ICT

Trevor Millum

Continuum 2012

ISBN 9781441192394

Paperback 17.99 [pounds sterling]


What I like about all of Trevor Millum's work is that he is so aware of the possibilities and limitations of real classrooms. He does not assume teachers have infinite knowledge, time or resources, but makes suggestions about activities that really can be easily adapted to what a teacher does have available. He never dictates ways of using his ideas--although some of his own views are evident, for example, the importance of talk and discussion. He is also quite clear that ICT should be used only when it is useful, relevant and enhances learning.

Having been around as long as Mr Millum, but still at the interactive whiteboard face daily, when I read the very first page of suggestions about narrative writing and developing paragraphs, I didn't think, 'Yes, but ...' because it would require a week's planning to develop and resource the idea, but, 'Excellent--that's exactly right, and I can use that pretty much forthwith!'

Also one recognizes a colleague who still thoroughly understands children and the problems and difficulties they have with, for example, getting into the story, and leaving out the 'getting up and having breakfast'!

ICT is recognized as a tool which can be used to develop ideas without the difficulty of much rewriting and reorganizing as when children have to redraft by hand. …

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