From Pitch to Paycheck: New Startup Assignmint Hopes to Change Freelance Journalism

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Imagine a digital location where freelance writers can pitch story ideas and editors can manage invoices with a just a click of a button. Startup company Assignmint has made this possible. Based in Venice, Calif., Assignmint officially launched in April and opened a public beta last month at

Chief executive officer and founder Jeff Koyen said the idea for Assignmint came from his own personal background. Koyen worked for more than 20 years as a freelance writer and as an editor for publications such as New York Press, Forbes Traveler, and Travel + Leisure. After working on both sides of the table, Koyen said he saw a need for a system that could manage the workloads of freelaneers and editors.

Assignmint is a browser-based system that can be accessed anywhere. "It's very quick, secure software that creates a better user experience," Koyen said.

The software language is written to be intuitive, Koyen said. Functions include story pitches, logging assignments, and filing invoices. …