Magazine article Phi Kappa Phi Forum

Accountable? Who, Me?

Magazine article Phi Kappa Phi Forum

Accountable? Who, Me?

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Editor's note: Phi Kappa Phi members boast big brains, hence the debut of a brainteaser that will appear in each main edition of magazine: an original crossword puzzle created especially for the Society by veteran puzzle constructor and wordsmith extraordinaire Jim Bernhard. To kick things off, he riffs on this issue's theme, "Accountability," in the four longest answers while including Phi Kappa Phi trivia among the others. So grab a pencil or, if you dare, a pen, and test your brainpower!



1. Undesirable quality in a judge

5. Kind of ID 9. See-through theatrical drop

14. Semicircular part of a church

15. "Why so__and wan, fond fovea?": Suckling

16. Maine site of Phi Kappa Phi's founding

17. Presidential assassin shot to death by a soldier

20. Be__and do me a favor

21. Ward of The Guardian, 2006 film

22. Colleagues of CEOs and COOs

23. For Phi Kappa Phi, this no. is 800-804-9880

25. Cheering sound

27. Claiming to be accountable only to God, this monarch said, "He who placed me in this seat will keep me here."

36. Suits cable network

37. It's part of an act

38. Red wine is a bad one

39. This will give you a hand

41. Fasteners

43. In__(as originally positioned; Latin)

44. Yorkshire city in the Aire Valley

46. Proof used for photographic copy for a printing plate

48. Rapper who feuded with Jay-Z

49. Royal personage blamed for a nation's financial woes and known as "Madame Deficit"

52. Salt

53. Play by Mae West that caused her arrest

54. Mozart's__fan tutte

57. High time?

61. In the future

65. Kaiser Wilhelm II ousted this "Iron Chancellor"

68. Blarney or Rosetta

69. Mozart's"__Kleine Nachtmusik"

70. Bird on a Canadian dollar

71. __-turvy

72. What Superman could do to "tall buildings in a single bound"

73. Award won by golfer Tiger Woods 21 times


1. __Marimba Band

2. Apple for a song?

3. New York stadium for Federer and Nadal

4. Milieu for Phi Kappa Phi member Harry Reid

5. News letters?

6. Mineo and Paradise

7. Sommer in the movies

8. …

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