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'A Mouse in the White House'

I am disappointed in Michael Tomasky's article on Mitt Romney. I expected a serious analysis of Romney's campaign, and his stance on important issues. Instead, relying on childish name-calling, Tomasky delivered an article overwhelmed by cultural constructions of masculinity, defining "manliness" as the extent to which men are involved in war, violence, and death. Next time, focus on what it takes for a man or woman to be a leader: integrity, honesty, and compassion, the need to take a stand as well as the ability to make difficult choices. Newsweek, you can do better.

Eloisa Mendoza, Iowa City, Iowa

I have followed the presidential campaigns in Newsweek since the 1980s. This is one of the rare occasions in which you have painted a rather repugnant picture of a presidential candidate. And perhaps with good reason. Romney's main weakness lies in his less-than-thoughtful remarks, which incur discomfort in others. Some of us in Japan feel that Obama will likely be reelected not because he has been very efficient or competent, but simply because his opponent seems inadequate.

Ito Fujisan, Tokyo.

Mitt Romney isn't a wimp. He's tofu, taking on the flavor of whatever he's next to. As to what he really believes, who knows? He will only articulate what his current audience wants to hear and that's why his public utterances are all over the map.

Michael Willhoite, Cranston, R.I.

I agree that Mitt Romney is clueless as a politician and a diplomat, but I think the media should stop judging politicians on random details, such as who drives the Jet Ski on their vacation. Even a complete lack of experience with the armed forces should be no strike against any candidate who is campaigning for a job that concerns itself much more with keeping the peace than it does with fighting wars.

Luke Marcinkiewicz, West Seneca, N.Y.

'Out in Space'

It irks me that Linda Hirshman thinks that Sally Ride did not do enough for gays and lesbians. …

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