Ethiopian Priest-Monk (Abba Gabre Selassie Tibebu Taye) Received Scholarship

Article excerpt


Rev. Abba Gabre Selassie Tibebu Taye is a living example of the work of the Anglican Foundation. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church priest is the first recipient of the Scholarship of St. Basil the Great, which funds student exchanges between members of the Anglican Church of Canada and the Oriental Orthodox Churches and the Assyrian Church of the East. The scholarship, which was established by Bishop Henry Gordon Hill in 1995, is administered by the Anglican Foundation.

Fr. Gabre, as he is known on campus at the University of Toronto, is taking a mix of credit and non-credit theology, philosophy and counselling courses at Trinity College.

The courses have given him a taste of academe, which Fr. Gabre's not quite ready to give up yet. He would like to remain in North America, he says-and possibly Canada - to enable him to get his master of theology degree. He will stay at Trinity until June, for the completion of his one-year scholarship. After that, his plans are uncertain.

"It is interesting, different," says Fr. Gabre. "I have a lot of material to study and the professors are good. Everything's good except my language." (His English, while accented, is perfectly understandable.)

Fr. Gabre's church, the largest of the Oriental Orthodox Churches, comprises 75 million people, including 45 bishops and 300,000 clergy, some married, and others, like himself, celibate monks. …


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