Youth Perspectives Conference 1996-1997: Canada and Europe

Article excerpt

Youth Perspectives, established by the CIIA and the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, promotes informed discussion and debate among youth on issues of critical importance to Canada. Youth Perspectives presents an annual conference designed to foster creative interaction between recognized experts and youth. The forum aims to increase youth awareness of and involvement in Canadian foreign affairs and the foreign policy process. This, in turn, allows the formulation of a `youth perspective' regarding issues of current relevance and importance to Canada.

Youth Perspectives, now in its fifth year, has hosted four conferences across Canada as well as a study trip to Europe - the upcoming conference is titled `Canada and Europe.'

Europe has undergone and continues to experience many changes: civil wars are being fought, borders are being opened or redefined. Accordingly, Canada-Europe relations require redefinition. To renew and develop ties for a stronger partnership, the conference will raise youth awareness of the importance of Canada's longstanding affinity with Europe. Seminar topics will focus on the need to create policy options and choices by diversifying Canada's dependence on the North American market. Though Canada's relations with Asia are important, Canada and Europe share a history that has been instrumental to their evergrowing and changing relationship.

Students are the leaders of tomorrow. This conference will give a new generation the opportunity to discuss and share ideas with a broad spectrum of players including Canadian ambassadors, senior officials in government, European government officials, and academics. …


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