Magazine article Word Ways

Non-Standard Conjugations

Magazine article Word Ways

Non-Standard Conjugations

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Example of Standard Conjugation: Ring, Rang, Rung.

Example of Sub-Standard Conjugation: Bring, Brang, Brung.

The chick tries to check into the male hostel but they chuck her out.

When he got sick, he got the sack as he refused to suck up to the boss.

One can lick life's problems, despite a lack of industry, with a little bit of luck. Paraphrase of Alfred P. Dolittle, in My Fair Lady.

The entomologist is carrying a big bag of bugs.

Armenians are well-known for being able to rig some rags into a rug.

Give him a ham sandwich if he promises not to hum that horrible tune ever again.

The Eskimos travel far searching for fur.

Seeing the quake survivors limp under the lamp brings a lump to his throat. …

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