Magazine article Anglican Journal

Ten Tips on Evangelism: Where to Start, What to Do

Magazine article Anglican Journal

Ten Tips on Evangelism: Where to Start, What to Do

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TWO QUESTIONS I am often asked by people who are interested in learning to share their faith with others are, "Where should I start?" and "What should I do?" Here then are what I consider to be 10 very important issues for witnessing Christians to consider.

1. Pray. One of the driving assumptions behind the ministry of evangelism is that God is already at work in the lives of people, preparing their hearts to be receptive to the Gospel. Pray for the courage to initiate faith related conversations.

2. Work through your natural spheres of influence. People are much more open to being influenced to a serious consideration of the Christian faith by a trusted friend than they are by a stranger.

3. Develop the friendship along their lines of interest. Bill Hybles of Willow Creek Community Church constantly stresses how important it is for us to remember that people matter to God. He makes the further point that we will have a hard time convincing people of this if we act like they don't really matter to us.

4. Listen for openings. As your friendship grows, and your conversations get to a deeper level of sharing personal concerns, listen for possible openings where it might seem quite natural to mention something about your faith.

5. Ask "bridging" questions. Be prepared to take the initiative in directing your conversation towards faith issues if the opportunity arises. For example, if your friend is sharing some difficult situation, you might ask, "Where do you get the strength to deal with this?" Or if you are discussing some tragedy in the news, you might ask, "What do you think makes human nature that way?"

6. Ask permission to share. Many people have had uncomfortable experiences of having felt cornered by an insensitive religious zealot. To ask permission to speak of something that is very personal is only courteous, and it goes a long way towards disarming reluctance and defensiveness. …

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