Some Christians Believe Differences between Religions Worth Dying For

Article excerpt

Christians in North America don't know how good they have it compared with their fellow believers in many parts of the world, says the author of a new book on persecuted Christians.

Professor Paul Marshall, a Toronto Anglican on the faculty of the Institute for Christian Studies, says North American Christians may be comfortable in their faith and embrace religious diversity, freedom and tolerance, but in many parts of Africa, Asia and Latin America, Christians are dying or face imprisonment or hardship for their beliefs.

In his book, Their Blood Cries Out: The Worldwide Tragedy of Modern Christians Who Are Dying for Their Faith, due out next month, Dr. Marshall chronicles the lives of Christians around the globe who make extraordinary commitment in their decision to follow Christ.

In contrast, in North America "it's a very cushy world," said Dr. Marshall in an interview. "It's an ignorant world, and in our comfort, we're not aware of what's going on. We're not aware that we're a member of a body, most of whose members are suffering very deeply."

"They're willing to die for (their faith) because they're willing to live for it, in that already, if they make a decision to become a Christian, through the act of baptism, it often means taking on a new name, a new life," he said. …


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