Woman (Elizabeth Butler-Sloss) Named to Head Commission: Group to Pick Candidates for Canterbury

Article excerpt


Britain's senior woman judge has become the first female chair of the commission that will select final candidates to become the next Archbishop of Canterbury.

Dame Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, 68, is the first female president of the high court, family division, a position she attained in 1999. (Although there was earlier speculation and pressure to name a woman to the crown appointments commission, Dame Elizabeth's name was not among those first considered in the British religious press).

Archbishop George Carey will retire in the fall after 12 years in office.

The Church of England Newspaper predicted in mid-March that Prime Minister Tony Blair would likely opt for a woman to head the commission, pleasing British Labour MPs who wanted a break from tradition.

The choice was sensitive because one of the leading contenders in the "race that is not a race" is Bishop Richard Chartres of London, well known for his stand against the ordination of women.

However, the newspaper said in a recent report that Dame Elizabeth's appointment got around that concern since "as chairman of the council of St. Paul's Cathedral, she will have gained a strong impression of Bishop Chartres' abilities."

Bishop Chartres is known to be a favourite of the Royal Family, and support could tilt in his direction because of strong public sentiment over the recent deaths of the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret. …


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