Way It Was -- as Seen by the (Canadian) Churchman

Article excerpt

100 years ago

January 1898 - Canadian Churchman reported that in a part of northwest Canada the white population exceeds that of the native, and the marked indifference in matters of religion of the majority of the former, as compared with the latter, is very sad. Very few attend services held for them, while the latter all hasten to prayers ... Amongst students at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, there is at present a young Zulu who hopes to take Holy Orders. He has passed successfully the preliminary examination doing especially well in Latin, Greek and elementary Hebrew ... The rector and churchwardens of Christ Church (Vancouver) are about to introduce a novelty into the church service by vesting lady as well as male members of the large choir in surplices. The lady choristers are quite content as their surplice robes will be neatly devised and quite in keeping with feminine ideas of quiet and good taste and church decorum.

50 years ago

January 1948 - Canadian Churchman reported that the Episcopal Church (U.S.A.) has granted the petition of the Philippine Independent Church asking for "the gift of the Apostolic Succession for our episcopate." The church broke away from the Roman Catholic Church during the Spanish regime in the islands ... Canadian Churchman had its origins some three-quarters of a century ago and in all these years, devoted laymen have managed to keep the paper going in the face of many adversities and to publish as an independent paper the news and achievements of our Church in Canada. …


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