Lee Hamilton and Peter Lai Visit Canada's Corporate Community (as a Complement to the Canadian Insitute of International Affairs Annual Briefing to Washington, D.C.)

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As a complement to the Canadian Institute of International Affairs annual Briefing Mission to Washington, DC, the Honourable Lee H. Hamilton (Democratic representative for the State of Indiana), Member of the United States House of Representatives, addressed a group of CIIA corporate supporters on `Canada-U.S. Trade Issues as Seen from Inside the Beltway.' The Bank of Montreal co-sponsored the event.

Congressman Hamilton has represented the Ninth District of Indiana for thirty-two years and is currently the ranking Democratic Member on the House Committee on International Relations and the Joint Senate-House Economic Relations Committee. Hamilton, a dean of Capitol Hill, is held in the highest regard by Democrats and Republicans alike for his balanced approach to issues. He is particularly respected for his deep understanding of the relationship between Canada and the United States.

The CIIA recently introduced a new programme of Country Risk Assessments. These briefings, organized in co-operation with Industry Canada, are given by Canada's ambassador accredited to the country in question. All aspects of the current political, economic, and business climates are examined in a thorough, no-holds barred assessment.

William L. Clarke, Canada's Ambassador to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, inaugurated the series with a first-hand evaluation of the risks, opportunities, and challenges facing Canadians considering doing business in these countries. Because the Baltic states are less familiar as emerging markets with investment potential than some of the other central European countries, the briefing session provided an invaluable opportunity for those in attendance to hear an on-the-ground assessment from a distinctively Canadian perspective. If your company has interests in countries abroad and would like to attend these briefings, please forward your business card and country of interest to Mark Adler at the address below.

As part of Canada's Year of Asia Pacific, the CIIA was pleased to co-sponsor a briefing with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Toronto. Peter Lai, Secretary for Security of the Hong Kong government, spoke on the forthcoming changes in Hong Kong. …


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