Magazine article Phi Kappa Phi Forum

I Think I Can

Magazine article Phi Kappa Phi Forum

I Think I Can

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1. Where big names might be seen at a reunion

5. "Praise the Lord, and __ the Ammunition!" Frank Loesser's 1942 patriotic song

9. Separated

14. Verb conjugated in first-year Latin

15. Implement for a golfer or a launderer

16. Activist Ralph who has run for U.S. president six times

17. First line of a quatrain tracking some good advice!

20. Woman's name meaning "peace"

21. Ex-frosh

22. City of Paris?

23. One of the TV networks for which Phi Kappa Phi member and broadcast journalist Deborah Norville was an anchor

25. __Little Rock, ship on which Phi Kappa Phi member and Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus served

27. Second line of quatrain

36. See 9 Down

37. __Rouge, Phi Kappa Phi headquarters

38. Hall or Oakley

39. Desire

41. Pentateuch

43. Tuneful hit TV show--and kind of 10 Down

44. Heat home

46. Room at the top

48. Neighbor of Syr.

49. Third line of quatrain

52. Vietnamese New Year

53. U.S. government corp. based in Knoxville

54. Canoe or kayak, for example

57. Insecticide that "kills bugs dead," according to an ad tagline

61. Domed home

65. Conclusion of quatrain

68. Home __, 1990 movie

69. Phi Kappa Phi member Renee Fleming can hit a high one

70. Irk

71. Playboy of the Western World playwright

72. Sign for a going concern

73. Those, in Toledo


1. Jacques who played "Mr. Hulot" in films

2. Roman counterpart of Greek Eros

3. It may be in a bowl

4. Stop the flow of

5. Slapstick comedian's prop

6. Some of them are fine

7. Part of Manhattan or London

8. It's followed by crackle and pop

9. With 36 Across, Oscar-winning director of Brokeback Mountain

10. Kind of choral music

11. Month that precedes Nisan

12. …

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