Magazine article The Futurist

Future Food and Health: A WorldFuture Sampler

Magazine article The Futurist

Future Food and Health: A WorldFuture Sampler

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The Taste of Tomorrow: Super Burgers and the Next Big Fish

On tomorrow's dinner plates, look for the "guilt-free, heart-attack-fighting super burger," said Josh Schonwald, author of The Taste of Tomorrow (Harper, 2012). "Grown in a test tube or cultured in a petri dish, this alternative meat will require a lot less water and land to harvest, contain no antibiotics or growth hormones, and will not even be susceptible to diseases [such as] Mad Cow," he said.

Moreover, creating our food supply in the laboratory virtually eliminates greenhouse gas emissions. Yet, the best bonus is for overweight consumers: This "meat" will have the fat profile of an avocado.

"With soaring rates of meat consumption in China and India, this 'new meat' can't come soon enough," said Schonwald.

Fascinated by the statements of marine aquaculturist Daniel Benetti, Schonwald also explored "the seafood of the future." Benetti made bold claims that he had found "the next big fish," cobia. With the appearance of a shark, cobia grows six times as fast as salmon, is high in omega-3s, and tastes like popular and expensive Chilean sea bass and halibut. At the same time, it "adapts bizarrely to living in a cage."

The two major types of fish farming are open-ocean aquaculture and land-based recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS). In RAS like the low-salinity aquaculture at Virginia Cobia Farms, growing fish in large vats is very efficient and eliminates the problems of open-water farming: There is no risk of fish escapes, efficient water recyclers conserve water, and recycled fish waste is used to produce energy. Pompano and yellow tail are already grown this way, and little-known barramundi are sturdy and perfect for aquaculture.

Schonwald concluded with a simple recipe for future diets: "One, go to farmers' markets. Two, eat GMO [genetically modified] papayas. And three, buy fish that were raised in indoor recirculating systems."

Scenarios for Primary Care In 2025

Four possible scenarios for the evolution of primary care in the United States were presented by Clem Bezold, chairman of the Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF).

In the first scenario, "Many Needs, Many Models," patient-centered medical care is expanded. …

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