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Customer Experience Management: Three Strategies for Creating Processes That Drive Satisfaction and Loyalty

Magazine article CRM Magazine

Customer Experience Management: Three Strategies for Creating Processes That Drive Satisfaction and Loyalty

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The ultimate goal for businesses is to build strong customer relationships. As companies grow and become more complex, the need to create simplicity and provide ready access to customers becomes an imperative to achieve high satisfaction rates and win repeat business. However, the wide availability of information from competitors, fans, and detractors can instantly change customer interactions making it difficult for organizations to control message delivery.

Understanding your customer has become the prime directive and therefore requires personalization powered by sophisticated delivery techniques that will wow your customer. The advancement of new call center technologies has certainly provided efficient ways to personalize experiences, but delivering that information in a useful way still poses a challenge.

In a climate where products have become a commodity, service becomes the differentiator. Therefore, you need to employ a three-pronged approach when designing a world class customer service model for you organization -simplification, personalization and optimization.


Implementing a multi-channel strategy has become a resource-intensive task for companies trying to expand access to customers; some even setting up entire departments to support web, mobile and social media channels. Unfortunately, most of these departments work in silos; creating systems and messaging that are not shared across the organization. This results in increased cost, inefficiencies and redundancies--all of which lead to inconsistent message delivery to the customer.

You must provide a consistent experience that customers can rely on no matter how they choose to engage with your organization. This is done by fully leveraging your customer data, streamlining your operations and using tools that can deliver the same message across all channels--web, phone, mobile, SMS, social media, live chat and your call center. For example, a customer that makes an inquiry on your website should receive the same answer as they would as a fan on Facebook, via their mobile device or when talking to a customer service agent.


To deliver consistent messaging to your customer, you'll need to curate your company's knowledge across those departmental silos. This can be a challenge, but the real hurdle is in designing meaningful and relevant ways to present this information to your customers. How can you not only raise the bar on your service levels, but also increase the relevancy factor for each individual customer so they feel valued by your company? …

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