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3 Steps for Delivering Great Customer Experiences

Magazine article CRM Magazine

3 Steps for Delivering Great Customer Experiences

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Businesses worldwide operate in a new era. Customers are taking charge of their relationships with brands, and the customer experience has become the most important differentiator and driver of business value.

In fact, according to the 2011 Customer Experience Impact Survey, 86 percent of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience.

So how do you succeed in this new era? By consistently delivering great customer experiences regardless of where the customer is in the buying and owning cycle or where the customer is touching your brand. Great customer experiences happen when you:

1. Connect and engage

2. Know more

3. Make it easy and rewarding


If you and your customers can't connect whenever, however, and wherever necessary, your customers will likely get frustrated and share their experience publicly. Not only do you risk lost revenue, but you also risk permanent damage to your brand.

With Oracle customer experience solutions, you will be able to create simple, consistent, and relevant experiences across all touchpoints and interactions. You can tailor digital interactions based on behavior, intent, and known preferences and optimize experiences for different devices and modes of interaction. That means you provide the same great experience to your customers regardless of whether they interact in your store, on their mobile device, via social networks, your Website, your contact center, or directly with a sales rep. It doesn't matter if the customer is buying or already owns what you have to sell, Oracle customer experience solutions ensure you speak in a consistent voice, offer connected interactions, and create personalized journeys for your customers.


All organizations are fighting for success in the face of changing markets, declining resources, and increasing competition. You can't always determine every outcome, but you can affect customer experiences if you know more about your customers and you have that knowledge at the right time. This knowledge includes understanding what your customer has done before, what they are trying to do now, and what they might do in the future. …

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