Magazine article The American Conservative

Revolutionary Rich

Magazine article The American Conservative

Revolutionary Rich

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Former Republican congressional aide Mike Lofgrens September article on the secession of America's financial elites set new records for, attracting more than 175,000 readers and 11,000 Facebook "likes" The piece was named to "best reads" lists at both The Daily Beast and BBC News.

Concerning Mike Lofgren's observation that transnational elites have more in common with each other than with their countrymen, while attending UN sessions, in the 1970's, with NGO credentials, I concluded that the delegates had more in common with each other than with their people.

It's now time, I believe, to apply this thought to our national politics, to wit: that our members of Congress and political party elites have more in common with each other than they have with the rest of us. (This, of course, would go a long way to explaining the RINO phenomenon.) But then, didn't Orwell instruct us in Animal Farm that the members of the ruling class have more in common with each other than with the people they rule? Contrast this with Madison's observation in Federalist No. 57 than when leaders are distant from the people, tyranny is inevitable. I am puzzled that the Tea Party doesn't call attention to the political wisdom of our founders, set forth in The Federalist Papers. Or is the Tea Party basically no different from those who challenge power merely to attain it?

Orwell, in 1984 made the point that Big Brother held power solely for power's sake. Consider President Obama's political fundraising process. (Also relevant to 2012, the concept, in 1984, that the news was whatever Big Brother said it was.) To borrow the opening observation in Federalist No. 57, I see the president's big bucks donors as constituting our neo-aristocratic class intent on the "ambitious sacrifice of the many, to the aggrandizement of the few." Indeed, with the [likely] re-election of President Obama, I see the "1984-ization" of the United States speeding full steam ahead.


Bronx, New York

The most important article of the century ... so far, anyway, has appeared in The American Conservative. It is called "Revolt of the Rich," and it is by by Mike Lofgren, who spent 16 years as a Republican staffer on House and Senate Budget Committees. …

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